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Lawrence Audio has established a reputation for pristine, best in class quality, elegant designs with an Oriental flair.

His non-compromise on quality and innovation has crafted speakers that are well sought after. All Lawrence Audio speakers are designed meticulously by Lawrence and custom made with the best quality materials. Lawrence and his team of professional sound engineers will test them for best sound quality.


Never resting on his laurels, Lawrence’s audio designs are always evolving to obtain the highest standard of timbres and tonality. He has gained international recognition for his superior craftsmanship. His audio innovations have won International Design & Engineering Showcase honours at CES Global consumer technology tradeshow in 2011, 2012 and 2013.


“Innovation is like oxygen to my soul

I live and breathe to design new works every day.”

~ Lawrence Liao ~

CES Awards


Innovate & inspire


Lawrence Audio speakers are precision crafted and distinguishable by their unique angular designs, which are not created simply for aesthetic purposes. Unlike simple rectangle or square speakers, the angular designs of the speakers reduce unwanted resonance so that the listeners can enjoy uncompromised, pure sound reproduction.


Listeners are able to delight in a performance that is only second best to the live performance itself. These custom-made speakers are not mass produced and are tested for sound quality by professional engineers and by Lawrence Liao himself.


“I am very hands-on with my work, from the time I first draft the designs, all the way to the finished product.”

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