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Every aspect of the design of the Lawrence Dragon is top notch in quality and design worthy to bestow as the flagship product. The curved design of the speaker’s top resembles a dragon ascending to the skies. Piano black high gloss finish on the side panels enhance the appearance. As usual, Lawrence Audio speakers are precision crafted and distinguishable by their unique angular designs, which are not created simply for aesthetic purposes. It exhibits superior domination and strength in sound. The Dragon is an outstanding audio product that combines technology expertise and aesthetically beautiful features.


Dragon is a 3 – way bass-reflex floor standing loudspeaker with a Jantzen Diamond tweeter installed to drive the highs, German-based Accuton Cell 5 inch ceramic driver for the mids, and, two 10 inches Accuton aluminum sandwich black cell drivers for the lows. Exhibiting an amazing low frequency response of 22Hz.

Speaker configuration uses the classic MTM (Midwoofer-Tweeter-Midwoofer) arrangement. In the speaker’s upper half and lower half sections, the top part of the speaker is arched to help correct the difference in sound frequency speed. This ensures that high, mid and low sound waves will enter a listener’s ears simultaneously, exhibiting accurate regeneration of the musical performance.

At the rear of the speaker, is a hidden Accuton 1” ceramic tweeter installed, demonstrating a 360 degree dispersion of sound.


4th order handwired crossovers are intricately designed to reflect four levels of sounds with -24Db design.


The Dragon speaker is truly able to make music sweet to a listener’s ears.

In 2017, let the Lawrence Dragon enrich your audio senses!




Newly designed hand wired crossover

High quality MKP capacitors.

High purified  OFC , inductors and the metal oxide film resistors with military industrial standard.


4th Order Design

Woofer -24dB,

Midrange -24db

Tweeter -24dB


Jantzen / Accuton Tweeter

Jantzen 1” Diamond

Rear firing ceramic Accuton 1” tweeter.

World class material and finishing

Highest quality components

Accuton Cell Drivers

M-cap Bi-wiring connectors

High quality 30mm MDF cabinet material. Natural walnut with piano black finish

The flagship speaker comes in 2 different finishings:





Piano black high gloss finish on side panels




Fire Dragon




Customizable colors

with flame-like design on side panels



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