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The  Master Music maker


Lawrence started his professional career as an interior and furniture designer in Taiwan since he was 20.

For more than 35 years, he had excelled in designing for residential and corporate clients. His clientele includes Sonix Technology, Kang Fu moving company, Shin Zu Shing Company, etc.


Love for music

His love of music permeates all areas of his life. Enjoying music on his hi-fi is a daily morning routine and he listens to music while designing to obtain inspirations. Deeply rooted in art and music, he is an accomplished musician in guitar, violin, piano, saxophone, flute and loves painting.


He has a great love for classical music, a genre which demands the highest purity of timbres to produce a beautiful musical presentation.

Listening to great classical music recitals for 35 years, exploring sounds with different audio systems have trained his senses to design for authentic sound reproduction of instruments, such as the trumpet. He understands the perfect music acoustics needed to touch a listener’s heart and senses.


With a keen ear for good acoustics and different tonality of instruments, he invested in hi-fi systems speakers to continually enhance pure sound reproduction.

His passion for audio design was ignited 20 years ago when a friend asked him if the expensive speakers he bought were custom made.  It prompted him to ask himself “Why not try making my own speakers?”


Fusing his design talent with love for music and sound, Lawrence Audio came into existence in 1996.

Philosophy of design

Function with Beauty


More than 35 years of interior design, coupled with his hobbies of travel photography, collecting paintings, playing music instruments have honed his artistic flair to combine great aesthetics with excellent sound in his audio designs.


Driven by his love for sound and design, he researched on ways to produce beautiful audio speakers with excellent dynamics.

It is through years of research and experimentation that have produced artfully designed and best-in-class speakers.


“In my designs, I want the speakers not just to sound perfect, but to look beautiful.”


His attention to details and artistic flair is seen in his innovative designs, such as mimicking the shape of string instruments in the "String Family" of the Lawrence Audio speaker line. His works are known to resemble art sculptures. His artistic flair and continual tireless efforts have made Lawrence develop impeccable standards of artistic vision and perfect sound.


“In my interior design work, each design is unique. Each of my painting and photography work is uniquely different. Likewise, I combine my design experience and love for music to produce innovative audio systems.”

~ Lawrence Liao ~


General Manager


As General Manager of Lawrence Audio, my marketing strategy is to put people first in our partnerships.


We must first meet up and get to know our potential partners, be aligned and communicate the same ideas.


A potential partner will be able to really appreciate and endorse Lawrence Audio speakers.

You will be willing to spend time to convince your client to understand Lawrence Audio products.


As such, regardless the size of your company, you are the partner that we will want to have a long term partnership with.

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